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Jennifer Bond – Communications
Jennifer Bond is a Lecturer/Assistant Professor in Asian History at University College Dublin. She is a historian of Modern China and her research interests span the fields of Chinese History, Gender Studies, Education, Religion and history of diplomacy. Jennifer is currently working on a book manuscript which explores the identity negotiations of girls who attended missionary schools in early twentieth century East China. This research is based on extensive oral history interviews conducted with missionary school alumnae along with archival sources from China, UK, USA and Taiwan.

Coraline Jortay – President
Coraline Jortay is a Laming Junior Research Fellow at The Queen’s College, University of Oxford. Her upcoming monograph project (“Pronoun Politics: Gender as a Linguistic Battleground in Modern China”) investigates the circulation of the literary debates that followed the “invention” of gendered pronouns in Chinese in the late 1910s, mapping their afterlives in pronominal re-appropriations in twentieth and twenty-first century Sinophone literature, including postcolonial and queer literatures.

Chang Liu – International Relations
Chang Liu is a Lecturer at the Chinese University of Hong Kong (Shenzhen). She received her PhD degree in History from King’s College London 2018. She is now working on a book manuscript about the media discourse surrounding the emerging middle-class single women in urban Shanghai and the social history of their everyday life from 1915 to 1956. Her research interests include the life history and social construction of women in modern and contemporary China.

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