Created in partnership between the Université libre de Bruxelles, School of Oriental and African Studies, and King’s College London, the China Academic Network on Gender (CHANGE) brings together postgraduate students and early career researchers from the humanities and social sciences who are dedicated to researching gender issues in China.

Our transnational network provides a specialized platform, built for and by members to facilitate networking and communication. The forum will be used to organize biennial themed conferences at partner universities. It aims to publicize members research papers, create synergies for sharing sources, best practices and building an international community to facilitate scholarly exchange and research on gender and China.

In particular, our network aims to provide a platform for younger scholars to share ideas and resources. It is designed to provide them with an online forum and community, which is built and driven by its members, enabling postgraduate students and early career researchers to connect to other scholars working in their field.

CHANGE 是一个专注于中国性别研究的网站,其主要设想用户为人文社科领域的博士生及青年学者。网站目前由布鲁塞尔自由大学(ULB)、伦敦大学亚非学院(SOAS)及伦敦大学国王学院(KCL)共同承办。它将提供一个特殊的平台,使其会员享有并参与打造更好的学术关系网。同时,每隔两年,我们会在参与网站建设的学校举办一次国际会议。CHANGE将致力于让更多人看到其会员的研究文章,创造协同共享资源及实践的机会,构建更具国际性的学术研究群体,从而推动有关中国及性别研究的学术交流。尤需强调的是,我们希望为青年学者提供一个分享想法和资源的平台,而这一平台上的具体论坛将由网站会员自己建设和推动,从而使研究生及青年学者能够与其领域里的更多学者进行交流合作。