The China Academic Network on Gender evolved out of the workshop ‘Refracting Gender in Modern China’, which three then PhD students organised to connect young academics who did research about gender in China.

The network is based at the Université libre de Bruxelles, in the capital of Europe, as an opportunity to expand Chinese studies footprint in Europe. It also benefits from the unique institutional setup of ULB’s Maison des Sciences Humaines, home to both Chinese and Gender Studies Research Centres, EASt and STRIGES.

CHANGE 这一项目萌生于2017年2月三个当时的博士生在伦敦组织的“新声音新视野”论坛。论坛意在联系各地研究中国性别问题的青年学者。论坛的成功使与会者产生了深入联系的想法,CHANGE由此诞生。它挂靠在布鲁塞尔自由大学人文社科学院东亚研究所跨学科性别研究中心下。坐落在欧洲的中心,为扩充中国研究在欧洲的发展提供更好的机会。